“Welcome to the female decade”: Notizen vom DLDwomen-Kongress

DLDwomen 2010

Der DLDwomen-Kongress zum Oberthema “Das Jahrzehnt der Frauen” in der Technologie-Abteilung des Deutschen Museums in München ist zwar schon einige Tage her, trotzdem habe ich hier in Streiflichtern einige der erstaunlichen Fakten, spannenden Gedanken und inspirierenden Bonmots zusammengestellt, die – für mich – von den zwei Tagen übrig blieben.
Die Chronologie folgt dem Veranstaltungsplan, da die Tagungssprache Englisch war, sind Originalpassagen auch in English :)


Dr. Maria Furtwängler-Burda eröffnet DLDwomen 2010

Dr. Maria Furtwängler-Burda, Schirmherrin von DLDwomen:
– “Ginger Rogers could do everything that Fred Astaire could. Only she danced on high-heels!”
– “If it had been the Lehman sisters and not Lehman Bros., who knows, things might have worked out differently”
– “To every problem there’s a woman to solve it”
Jill Lee, Diversity Expert:
– “In Germany diversity of thinking is generally encouraged, but once you enter a company you often encounter the ‘we’ve always done things like this’ doctrine”
– “We cannot afford to let the skills of women go to waste!”


Catherine Hakim

– “Erotic Capital in short is what women have and what men want”
– “Walk on both legs, use beauty and intelligence”
– “Women make more of an effort as far as their appearance is concerned than men. And are judged more harshly – by women! Men? Well, they all look the same, right?”
– “Beautiful people earn up to 20 percent more than below average looking people. Therefore it’s always beautiful and glamourous women who are featured in adverts.”
– “The feminist movement has completely adopted the patriarchic view of beauty as trivial”


Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden, Floriane De Saint-Pierre, Floriane de Saint (M.) und Antonella Mei-Pochtler (l.)

– “Companies must learn how to learn”
– “Statistics are merely first steps for challenging the status quo, because no one changes his life because os a pie chart. And diversity is not a numbers game!”
– “Women have the power of being THE key consumer”
– “You need to love that people hate you”
– “Männer wollen auch glücklich sein”
– “Eine Welt, die ausschließlich aus Unternehmerinnen und ihren Hausmännern besteht, halte ich nicht für erstrebenswert”


Antonella Mei-Pochtler und Staatsministerin Christine Haderthauer im Gespräch mit Patricia Riekel/Burda Style Group Patricia Riekel/Burda Style Group:

– “Frauen sind multiple Persönlichkeiten”
– “Wenn Berufe verweiblichen, sinkt das Lohnniveau”
– “Ich glaube ja nicht, dass man Männer verändern kann. Die haben nur Plan A”
Christine Haderthauer, Bayerische Staatsministerin für Arbeit und Sozialordnung, Familie und Frauen:
– “Die Ziele von Männern sind eindimensional”
– “In meinen Sitzungen gibt es nicht erst 15 Minuten Gockelkämpfchen, da geht’s gleich zur Sache”


Doris Dörrie im Gespräch mit Ulrike Zeitlinger/freundin

Doris Dörrie, Regisseurin:
– “I am a failed Buddhist”
– “It is difficult to make a teenager happy without electricity”
– “I had 25 executives from Coca-Cola tell me that an American d*ck would not not listen to jazz music” (on her Hollywood debut “Ich und Er“)
– “From time to time I need to stop everything around me in order to stay creative”


… and other speakers:
– women spend 24,8 hours on the web each month
– they spend 58,2 percent of every Dollar
– 16,3 percent of their time online is spent in social networks (men: 11,7 percent)
– they are more active on Facebook (though it’s split 57/43 in favor of men, women post much more!), on Twitter, on Youtube
– they have fewer smart phones (40 percent vs 60 percent of men)
– they love: photo sharing, recipes, fitness and diet sites, romance
– their web experience is all about relationships, connecting with other women, sharing ideas, creating, it’s about the journey, not so much the destination, about reality
– men: want to score points, consume, about fantasy
– Das weibliche Einkommen weltweit ist größer als die Bruttosozialprodukte von China und Indien zusammen. 


Andrew Robertson/BBDO, Susann Remke/FOCUS, Kate Sayre/Boston Consulting Group, Luciana Broggi/HP und Steve Rogers/Google (v.l.n.r.)
– women make 80 percent of ALL consumer decisions, even 60 percent of cars are bought or the buying process is influenced by women! 
– women control – directly and indirectly – 12 billion Dollars
– in spending it’s them who decide where to trade up or to trade down
– in web design: women like round objects; they want their online shopping to be quick!


Susie Stoddart/DTM-Rennfahrerin
Autorin Catherine Millet im Interview mit Christine Eichel/FOCUS
– Germans are the fattest Europeans. Married couples are even fatter then singles.
– “The endlessnes of the web is exhausting” vs. a curated web zine or print magazine that you can actually finish


Jessica Weiß/LesMads im Gespräch mit Julia Freitag/Styleproofed.com und Michael Michalsky/Michalsky Holding

Michael Michalsky/Michalsky Holding:
“Traditional fashion media have outpaced themselves”


Susie Orbach im Gespräch mit Dr. Maria Furtwängler-Burda

Susie Orbach, Autorin:
– “Endangered species: the Disneyfication of the [female] body”
– “Art directors create bodies that do not exist”
– “For many women their body has already become a part of their work. There is permanently something ‘wrong’ with it, that needs fixing: eyelids in South Korea, nose jobs in Iran, extended legs in China …”


Hanna Sievinen/Nokia, Caroline Seifert/Deutsche Telekom, Ulrike Zeitlinger/freundin, Dorothee Ritz und Roby Stancel (v.l.n.r.)

Panel on the new workplace, moderated by Ulrike Zeitlinger/freundin:
– If you give workers flexible hours, you’ll get more out of them
– If men have 1 out of 10 qualities need for a certain job, the imediately apply. If a woman lacks 1 out of 10 qualities wanted, she’s too afraid to apply
– Companies must avoid frustrating young employees, digital natives, in a dated workspace
– “Get rid of conference rooms!” (Roby Stancel, Innovator and Sustainability Expert)
– Try to make work as much fun as possible, as long as the results match up
– “The best drive for change is if you have to” (Dorothee Ritz/Microsoft)


Videos vom DLDwomen gibt’s [hier] 

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